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5. Is Construction work hazardous?

Yes, a construction site is often a whirlwind of activity. There are many different tasks being performed in a confined area, so the potential for accidents is great.

However, proper training, common sense and experience go a long way in reducing the frequency of serious accidents. It's a fact that most accidents can be avoided when precautionary measures are taken.

6. Are there many women employed in the building construction industry?

No. But this is changing fast. More and more women are being attracted to the building trades as a career. The unions, for the most part, have been receptive to the idea of women entering what was strictly a male domain. Women and other minorities are encouraged to apply.
In some cases, it may be advantageous to be a minority, as unions try to maintain quotas established by government based equal opportunity regulations regarding job training and hiring practices. There are many government and community based agencies throughout the nation which offer career counseling and minority recruitment services.

7. What types of occupations does one find in the industry?

The construction industry employs a wide variety of essential personnel, such as:

· ENGINEERS (Mechanical, Electrical, Structural & Civil)
and of course:
This publication concerns itself with the kinds of occupations performed by union craft-workers in the building construction industry


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